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2017 ISGlobal: The Mosquito – My ‘Femme Fatale’
2016 ISGlobal: Be prepared: The deadliest animals on our planet are here to stay
2016 ISGlobal: Death penalty for mosquitoes
2015 ISGlobal: When mosquitoes laugh at insecticides
2013 ISGlobal: How many mosquitoes are killed by insecticides?

Official press releases

2016 ISGlobal: ISGlobal receives a USAID grant to develop a new tool against Zika
2015 ISGlobal: The south of Mozambique is a hot-spot for mosquito resistance to pyrethroids
2015 ISGlobal: ISGlobal researcher receives funding to develop a new mosquito trap
2014 ISGlobal: Better prediction of malaria at local levels
2014 Penn State: Fine-scale climate model projections predict malaria at local levels
2013 ISGlobal: Local climate alters the effectiveness of malaria vector control tools
2013 ISGlobal: Ectotherms, more sensitive to climate change due to temperature variation
2013 Penn State: Malaria infection risk influenced by daily temperature variations
2012 US Geological Survey: Malaria transmission peaks at much cooler temperatures than previously predicted
2009 Penn State: Daily temperature shifts may alter malaria patterns

Digital/paper press

2017 Guyana Government Information System: ISGlobal Team Visit
2017 El País: La guerra del fin de la malaria (interview with Lucia Fernandez, highlighting our work in Mozambique)
2016 La Vanguardia: Cuando la malaria campaba a sus anchas por Europa
2016 El País: Cazadores de mosquitos en Mozambique (interview with Lucia Fernandez, highlighting our work in Mozambique)
2016 El País: Mozambique: campo de batalla contra la malaria (photo-series MALTEM)
2015 El País: Cuando los mosquitos se ríen de los insecticidas
2015 La Vanguardia (La Contra): El mosquito es el animal que más humanos mata
2014 SciDevNet: Climate change ‘could raise malaria risk in cool areas’
2014 The Guardian: New study investigates the impact of climate change on malaria
2014 EcoWatch: How climate change influences the path of malaria-carrying mosquitoes
2013 Universitat de Barcelona: Ectotherms, more sensitive to climate change
2013 The Climate News Network: Making malaria easier to track
2013 ISGlobal: Recent years have seen a (re)emergence of vector-borne disease in southern Europe
2012 NewScientist: Malaria study challenges warmer world predictions
2011 Nature News: Global warming wilts malaria
2009 Bionieuws: Mag het een graadje meer zijn?

Audio press

2017 IB3 Radio a la carta, Balears fa Ciència
2011 Deutschlandfunk (German Radio)
2006 Noorderlicht (Dutch Scientific Radio Program)