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Current labmembers

user_male_portrait2Krijn Paaijmans
Assistant Research Professor, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, ISGlobal, Spain
Head of the Entomology Unit, Manhiça Health Research Centre, CISM, Mozambique
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Farooq Tanveer  
Engineer/physicist, Biogents, ICMAB & ISGlobal


Mercy Opiyo
Doctoral student
CISM & ISGlobal
Mercy is currently analyzing all our entomological surveillance data, which is not an easy task 😀 In addition, she is interested in the utility of (1) auto-dissemination of insecticides (2) larval source management strategies, and (3) spatial repellents for reducing the abundance of malaria vectors. All interventions that can potentially target resistant and/or residual malaria vectors.

celso alafoCelso Alafo
Junior entomologist, CISM
Celso is assessing the efficacy of vector control tools in Magude district. He is testing the duration of effective action of the insecticides used for Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and will study the physical integrity and the killing effects on mosquitoes of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) over time.

MaraMara Maquina
Junior entomologist, CISM. Co-supervisor: Silvie Huijben
Mara is in charge of all insecticide resistance bioassays for mosquitoes from both Magude and Manhiça districts. She is setting up the intensity of insecticide resistance assays, and is looking for the mechanisms causing insecticide resistance.

Celso and Mara presenting their poster at PAMCA, Burkina Faso, October 2017 

Past labmembers
Laetitia Duval, postdoc ISGlobal (2017)
Kiba Jamila, laboratory technician CISM (2015-2017)
Lucía Fernández Montoya, predoc ISGlobal (2015-2017)
Berta Domenèch Garcia, postdoc ISGlobal (2015-2016)
Katey Glunt, postdoc ISGlobal (2014-2015)